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Bluetooth Payments Made Easy

BlueCoins are a fast and inexpensive way to pay globally.
Version 2.1.1 Version 2.1.1

Key Features

BlueCoin features a cold-staking algorithm which enables BLU holders to earn interest while their coins are stored safely offline. Bluetooth transactions ensure that payments are processed even when there’s no Internet connection available!
Simply Innovative
Utilizing encrypted off-line Bluetooth mesh networks, BlueCoin will provide the world with a free and truly censorship resistant currency.
Low inflation
BlueCoin’s supply inflates at a stable 3% per year. Rewarding the coin holders who verify the network, while at the same time energizing the economy!
Fast & Inexpensive
Transactions confirm in 60 seconds or less, and are secured by Litecoin’s hashing power. The cost to send a payment with BLU is fractions of a penny.

Why use BlueCoin?

BlueCoin is a peer-to-peer virtual currency that allows users to send censorship resistant payments through encrypted Bluetooth enabled mesh networks.
Cold staking ensures that holders of the currency are paid interest for their support of the network without ever needing to compromise their holdings. This is the equivalent of being your own bank with no safe necessary!

Getting Started

Download the BlueCoin client in the download links provided above. Click “BUY BLU” to purchase BlueCoins at several supported virtual currency exchanges. Start sending payments at a fraction of the cost when compared to  traditional payment rails. Mobile apps are coming soon!
Forum Discussion

Help the community grow and keep yourself up to date via our forum discussion.

BLU Bounties

Help with our development! We have assigned various bounties for users who want to help build out the BLU ecosystem.

Community Support

Excellent community support is our goal. Please fill out this form or send us an email at bluecoiner@yandex.com, and our team will respond back to you in a timely fashion.

Download the App:Version 2.1.1  Version 2.1.1

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